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Sakaiseikisangyo Co. Ltd.

613-1, Murodo-cho, Izumi
Osaka 594-1101 Japan
Tel: +81-725-57-7022
Fax: +81-725-57-7023
email: contact@sakaiseiki.com


SAKAISEIKI manufactures the best quality loom

that brings freedom and creativity into hand weaving.

The free-style hand weaving program we have persued since 1970,

is now well-known as SAORI Weaving.

SAORI Weaving is an art form that enriches everyone's life

with a joy to express oneself freely in weaving.

SAKAISEIKI'S SAORI Looms are carefully designed

for the weavers of all ages and abilities.

Let's enjoy SAORI Weaving on a SAORI Loom!

Take a look at the SAORI loom in action!

Some special items are back again! - Monday, December 05, 2011
Some special yarn sets became available again!

New SAORI book was released! - Tuesday, December 14, 2010
A new book "Kyomo Jiyuni Oru" was released.  This book is written in Japanese, but visually explains the basic techniques of SAORI weaving with many beautiful photos.

New Web Catalogue Available - Wednesday, June 09, 2010

New Web-cataloque of SAORI looms and accessories are now available! Check the PRODUCT page.


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